Professional Genealogy Research

Genealogy! Why do we do this? Some of our friends and family are supportive; others express a mixture of horror and polite interest when we try to discuss it with them.  I’ve been told that it’s morbid, pointless, weird, and quirky.  However, I’ve also been told that it’s nerdy, fascinating, impressive, and impossible.

Hmm, I can live with nerdily proving the impossible.

Can’t you?

We do this because it speaks to us.  Because it is our heritage, our origin, our place in this world, in relation to the grand scheme of things.  Because our ancestors are a part of us; possibly in spirit, but definitely in body.  We are the product of the people we research.

That secret half-smile you make when  you’re trying not to lie? Your 7x great grandmother probably had the same one.  Your refusal to take no for an answer?  That came from your Revolutionary War patriot ancestor.  Your hatred of potatoes?  … Well… I don’t know.  Think about it.

My point is that genealogy is a part of us, and those of us who are interested are almost invariably very interested in learning more about their family history. You scour records; you’re a member of and and you’ve used the free trials at, and yet you still can’t find the right information.  That’s where I come in.

I have over ten years of experience researching my own genealogy and that of others. I have extensive experience with difficult cases, such as Revolutionary War patriots who bear the same name as others; near impossibly confusing probate records; pinpointing a single WILLIAM JOHNSON (as if there is any more common name than that!!!) among thousands of others.

Let me help you move forward with your research. 

Let me be the nerd that helps YOU prove the impossible.