My Grandparents Were Married – Really!

So, my grandparents were married. I know this. In fact, I know that they were married for 16 years before their first child was born. Trying (and failing) to find out what they did during that time is what inspired my interest in genealogy. The generational gap in my maternal lineage averages 33 years, which... Continue Reading →

The King Brothers’ Revolutionary War Service

  William, Valentine and John, 3rd Virginia Regiment John Edwards King was a Private in in the Stafford Co. Militia, Third Virginia Regiment.  Later, during the War of 1812, he became a General, commanding the Third Brigade in the Battle of the Thames.  Unfortunately, his service in the Revolutionary War must be re-proven for applicants... Continue Reading →

Free and Paid Resources is a database of military records from the National Archives. (subscription based) is the most popular genealogical research site ever. (subscription based) Rootsweb has an amazing variety of free resources for genealogy. (free) is THE place to buy genealogy books. (online store) BLM- GLO Records - Find land patents, grants and surveys. (free)... Continue Reading →

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