Just Walk Away…

So, it’s amazing to me.  It’s amazing that I can do All The Research and still come up empty, but what amazes me even more?   I can walk away from my records for a few days, come back to them for a review, and find the amazing, glaring piece of evidence ALREADY IN MY DOCUMENT, which solves the problem for me.

In a nutshell, I’m trying to prove the familial relationship between two parties, and that relationship is spelled out in (somewhat uncertain) terms in a single document; when compared to the other data I’ve accumulated, they become CERTAIN terms.

I’ve been working on this case study for about 3 months now, carefully sifting through all of the evidence, searching and searching and searching for more evidence, scouring wills and lawsuits, even drawing up plats and land ownership maps based on the language in 18th century surveys to prove my point, and the solution to my problem was there in an 1846 will, all along.  A will which I transcribed… three months ago.

WHY DOES IT TAKE A BREAK TO FIND THAT?  How can I focus on an issue for MONTHS and miss a single sentence in a single document to solve all my problems?

Words cannot express how much I stand by just. walking. away.  Just walk away.  Clear your mind.  Work on something fun or something less intense for a couple of days.  See what’s new on  Maybe even do something not genealogy-related, for a few precious days.  Then go back and see what you can find in your already-compiled documentation.  You never know!