Lineage of Anne Brent

I’m the X-great granddaughter of Anne Brent on my mother’s side. Recently I’ve been working on the , and we have completed the “trail” from Anne’s father George Brent, to William Malet, the Magna Carta Surety Baron from which we descend. Unfortunately I cannot import a full pedigree, only 4 generations at a time. (Until I learn more about HTML, that is…). So this is going to have to do.

My line to Anne Brent:

My Mom
Marian Lafargue m. Hooker Williams
Edwin Louis Lafargue m. Martha Elizabeth O’Bannon
Adolphe Lafargue m. Annie Winn Irion
Alfred Briggs Irion m. Caroline King
Valentine King m. Nancy King
John Edwards King m. Sarah Clifton
Burdette Clifton m. Rebecca Kenner
Burdette Clifton Sr. m. Francis Hill
Thomas Clifton m. Sarah Ashton
Anne Brent m. James Clifton

The following information is sourced SOLELY by Douglas Richardson’s “Royal Ancestry” published in 2013.   This is okay with me because this reference work is near-universally acknowledged as the best in its class, linking immigrant ancestors to royalty/nobility.

Anne Brent to Mary Huggerford

Mary Huggerford to Mary Wodhull

Mary Wodhull to Thomas Wodhull

***Note that Isabel Trussell (wife of Thomas Wodhull) is descended from Henry II via a mistress, Ida.  See below for that line.

Thomas Wodhull to John Wahull

John Wahull to William Malet, Surety Baron and signer of Magna Carta

ISABELL TRUSSELL to Henry II, King of England

Isabel Trussell to Ada Botetort:

Ada Botetort to Idonea Longespée

Idonea Longespée to Geoffrey d’Anjou (father of Henry II)

As you can see, this line is pretty important! Even more important is that Anne’s father, George Brent, was an original colonist in Virginia! Illustrious origins… breeding tells!